Je bekijkt nu HFA Driade at XFI 2019

HFA Driade at XFI 2019

“Driade Systems and Mafico joined forces to demonstrate Driade speakers with either Bryston or Ayon electronics. Although the two systems used different Driade models, the distinction between Ayon and Bryston was clear. Incidentally, the Spirit III was used in Triode mode which makes it sound even more seductive but also less linear than in the more powerful Pentode mode.

The Ayon system with Driade Model 3 sounded coherent and lively, nicely rich and full-bodied, and very well-balanced. The Driades also have an inherent toe-tapping quality and are utterly neutral. Combined with the Ayon system they retain their agility and neutrality yet with that full-blooded, rich tonality that only tubes seem to provide.

The Bryston system with Driade Model 2 sounded even more agile and above all more linear and transparent and absolutely not rough or overly clean but also not quite as tonally rich as the Ayon system.

Honorable mentions

Driade Systems and Mafico

  • Driade Model 3
  • Ayon Spirit III
  • Ayon S-3 Junior

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